Happy anniversary?

Middle Fork, by John Grade, is a cast of a tree, made out of many tiny pieces of wood.

Well, this is embarrassing. It wasn’t until I received a notice to renew my domain name that I checked in on this blog, and discovered to my chagrin that the last post was dated February 25th—2015. D’oh. I suppose this is what happens when your day job tethers you to a computer, writing scripts. It’s very hard to Continue Reading →

Just when you think you know your mom…

nice place for some barbecued lamb

Last night, I was talking to my mom and bemoaning the spiraling complexities of wedding planning when I learned something new. I’m getting hitched at the same place as my parents and a number of other relatives, so I’ve always been aware that this place carries special significance. But my mom surprised me when she Continue Reading →

Electric Hand Dryers

And the surprise journal continues, this time with a happier incident. moment of surprise: I was washing my hands in a public washroom when I overheard a mom say to her young daughter “…well you’ll just have to write to your congressman about it.” What was the issue of such import? The girl was afraid Continue Reading →

More surprises

examining a dinosaur

A day or two after my resolution to keep a journal of “surprise” moments, I wondered how often I’d be able to update it. My Sunday was particularly uninspired. Ah, but then Monday came along with some startling news. moment of surprise: I might not have a job come July. Oh, trust-funded positions, and your Continue Reading →

Resolutions And Such

vacuuming a stuffed hippo

I’ve struggled with what to do with this blog, as I don’t get many chances to review museums anymore. You’d think that working in a museum would leave me with plenty of stories about museums, but it’s tough to write about my job right after I’ve spent the day at work. For a whole year, I Continue Reading →

Long overdue

trilobite illustration

It’s been a long time since my last post. I’m not entirely sure which factor holds the most blame: my new love, roller derby, certainly takes up my time (though now that I’m injured, that excuse has lost some power); my day job as an exhibit writer makes me less inclined to keep typing in Continue Reading →

Juli’s Big Move

Madison Ave entrance to the National Museum of Natural History

I know, I know, I’ve been terribly remiss with my blogging this year… but I have an excuse! Or what I pretend is an excuse and that should be good enough. It all started back in January, with an email from my old exhibit strategies professor, telling me I should apply for a particular job. Continue Reading →

Oh Yes, Wyoming! Adventures in Museum Renovations and Paleoclimates

T-Rex vs. Triceratops

[ Ok first: Has it really been nearly TWO MONTHS since my last post?! Ay caramba. I hope you’ve all been keeping yourselves busy by reviewing the candidates’ answers to the Science Debate questions. If not, well, here’s a picture of some dinosaurs to cheer you up.] I must say, I’ve really been enjoying Wyoming, Continue Reading →

Life is da Bubbles at the Georgia Aquarium

wow wall georgia aquarium

As much as I love visiting museums on the down-low, seeing what the typical visitor sees, there’s something to be said for behind-the-scenes tours. And what a tour it was at the Georgia Aquarium. First of all, a big thanks goes out to Jen Richards, our unofficial tour guide. The Georgia Aquarium has a solid Continue Reading →

Prepping for Science Debate 2012


To get in the political mindset for the upcoming election, Ryan and I recently started watching The West Wing. Well, it was a choice between that and Deadwood, since we just moved to the Wild West. Anyway, in one of our (frequent) pauses to discuss the actors/the script/the overdone music/the similarities or differences to today’s Continue Reading →

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