And So It Begins…

Hello dear reader(s)! I’m starting a new blog and I’m pretty excited about it. I hope you will be too, but I realize I’m probably going to have to give you some background on the raison d’être for these posts before you share my enthusiasm. With that in mind, I’ll attempt to answer your questions right off the bat.

Question: What’s this blog about?

Answer: Well it’s in the subtitle really: “a blog about exhibits, experiments and explorations.”

  • Why exhibitions? I’m getting my masters from Johns Hopkins University in Museum Studies, which is some pretty intense commitment to museums! The philosophy behind the institutions fascinates me, but aside from all the theoretical aspects, I love the physical experience of museums. Much of this experience is due not just to content, but the spatial design of exhibitions. We go to museums to see the exhibitions, to be thrilled, to be challenged, to confirm what we know, to learn, to teach, to recharge, to hang out with family and friends, you name it. This is my platform to write about the exhibitions I see/touch/hear/experience, and talk about what works and what doesn’t.
  • Why experiments? Apart from being a museum buff, I’m a science geek. Just wait till you find out about my other nerdy habits. While there’s some level of experimentation in museums themselves, like in hands-on science centers, or even during exhibit prototyping, I like to read about cool science experiments. I get to live vicariously through researchers, getting the thrill of discovery without all the mental blocks, the boring data entry, and the pressure to finish a thesis. Hearing about someone’s ingenious method for testing a hypothesis makes me look  at the world differently, and I like sharing what I’ve learned.
  • Why explorations? Ok, ok, maybe I just needed another “ex” word. But to be fair, I think “explorations” covers a lot of ground — explorations of the great outdoors, of cities and cultures (and subcultures), of museums, of books, and of my own entangled thoughts.

Question: Ok, that sounds cool but why the name “the juli theory”

Answer: I’d thought about starting a blog for ages but couldn’t decide on a name and therefore couldn’t buy a domain. What to do. Then, one day, my fella and I walked into a clothing store that serves you bourbon as you shop (this is Nashville, so, of course), and inspiration struck. One of the sales people, upon learning my name, asked if I’d ever heard of the band “The Juliana Theory“, and while I hadn’t (and still have not listened to their music, though at this point I probably should), I thought “Eureka! That sounds awesome, I’m gonna adopt that”. And thus The Juli Theory happened. Blame the bourbon if you must.

Question: So, there’s no defined Theory of Juli?

Answer: Well I do have a theory, in the colloquial, non-scientific sense of the word, i.e., a conjecture, proposition, opinion, etc. I think that life is much more fun and more meaningful if you spend the time to explore new things, and try to understand the world around you. As you get older, you develop fixed opinions, patterns and beliefs, but you can actively try to expand your horizons, and keep experiencing the world around you with all the wonder and joy of a kid. Now, I’m not a research scientist so it’s highly unlikely that my name will be attached to any living organism or law, let alone a set of principles that explains and predicts natural phenomena based on empirical evidence.

Ok, well I think that about wraps up what it is that I’m trying to do here. Keep checking in to see how well I do at pulling it off!


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