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Oh dear, it appears that I let TJT languish, and worse still, wrote up some museum-related content for another site without posting about it here. Well, I’m going to perform a massive retcon and update you on all this awesome “new” content. Just pretend it got lost in the bowels of the internet for a while.

Over at Science… Sort Of‘s paleocave blog, you may notice there’s a whole category called Juli’s Theories. Sound familiar? That’s where I posted a few of my museum stories. I’ve visited a lot of zoos and museums over the last year, so don’t you worry, you’ll be getting a slew of new posts talking about my experiences here there and everywhere. But, in the mean time, to keep you sated, here are a few of my exhibition and event recaps from 2011. Enjoy!

Even dinosaurs love ice cream

Enjoy, I say! Enjoy!

Iron Science Teacher Competition at the Exploratorium

I have a confession: before attending the Iron Science Teacher competition at the Exploratorium a few Saturdays ago, I had never watched any “Iron [Fill in the Blank]” activity. It’s not that I discriminate against element 26, I just have a hard time reconciling the competitive nature of such events with the subjective topic: if each entry is good but in different ways, how do you choose the “best” one? Thus I was somewhat wary watching high school science teachers duke it out in front of a live audience to determine which one could come up with the best experiment and lesson plan on a given concept. Would this be a ferociously ferrous nerd bloodbath? […]

Adventures with Food at the Adventure Science Center

When I wrote about the Exploratorium’s Iron Science Teacher Competition, I confessed that I’d never seen an Iron Chef competition before. Which is kind of odd because — another confession! — I’m a bit of a foodie. Not in the “raw food is the only food” way or the “I own every gadget from Williams Sonoma” way, but in the “I’m doing science and it’s delicious” way. Thankfully, the local Adventure Science Center (ASC) in Nashville had a food-based program this weekend so I could get my foodie fix. […]

Bodies: The Exhibition

While in I was in New York for Comic Con, I decided to take the opportunity to visit some of the Big Apple’s awesome museums. I left the choice of museum up to my good friend Rick, a New York native and fellow nerd, and he ended up taking me to the South Street Seaport — think Fisherman’s Wharf, NYC-style — for a double exhibit feature, Bodies: The Exhibition [BtE] and Dialog in the Dark. Some of you might already know about BtE, as it’s been around since 2005. Multiple variations on the theme have floated around for nearly 20 years, so you may have seen Bodies: The Exhibition, or Our Body: The Universe Within, or perhaps you saw Body Worlds back when it came out in 1995. These exhibitions are all independently owned and run, but you’d be forgiven for confusing them because they’re eerily similar. Essentially, you wander through room after room of plastinated human bodies, learning about the various systems and structures under our skin, seeing comparisons of healthy versus diseased organs, and wondering how the displays were made and who on earth these people once were. […]


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