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Prepping for Science Debate 2012


To get in the political mindset for the upcoming election, Ryan and I recently started watching The West Wing. Well, it was a choice between that and Deadwood, since we just moved to the Wild West. Anyway, in one of our (frequent) pauses to discuss the actors/the script/the overdone music/the similarities or differences to today’s Continue Reading →

Ooh, A New Challenge

field guide cover

My dad sent me this link today, and while my first thought was “um, what now?”, my second was “whoa, that’s pretty cool!”, followed quickly by “damn, I wish I’d thought of that”. The collection development librarian at the California Academy of Sciences, Diane T. Sands, also happens to be a freelance science illustrator who’s Continue Reading →

It’s Tapirs All The Way Down…

fused fossil rhino rib

I was not a particularly happy camper this morning, having woken up balls-early for a road trip out to Boone, NC. Thankfully, my mood had vastly improved by the time we reached the Gray Fossil Site and Natural History Museum outside Johnson City, TN, enabling me to better appreciate their specimens, exhibits, and dig site. Continue Reading →