Long overdue

It’s been a long time since my last post.

I’m not entirely sure which factor holds the most blame: my new love, roller derby, certainly takes up my time (though now that I’m injured, that excuse has lost some power); my day job as an exhibit writer makes me less inclined to keep typing in my free time; I’m also working on other illustration projects, which beat out blogging (theoretically). Oh, and did I mention I have to plan a wedding? But really, I think the reason I haven’t been posting is because I’ve been mulling over the purpose of this blog.

I haven’t been visiting a lot of museums lately, which is baffling (ok fine, inexcusable) since I now live in DC, the city with a museum on every corner. One of the original concepts behind this blog was to explore exhibits and talk about museums, from the most theoretical discussions of museum philosophy to the most detailed reviews of exhibit elements. Now that I work for a major museum, it feels strange to write about that world. There are certain internal topics I can’t talk about, and I’m acutely aware that I can’t appear as if my personal musings reflect the opinions of the institution I work for. I’ve been struggling with how to write about other museums without making it seem like I’m comparing institutions. Hence the long silence on the museum front.

The types of scientific content I most often want to talk about are precisely the stories I write for other blog outlets. As a result, I’ve been at somewhat of a loss for what to write here.

So what to do? I’m not sure yet on the science front, since there are other, better, science education resources out there on the interwebs. I don’t want to be mum on the topic of museums, but since I can’t talk about my own institution, I’ll just have to resolve to visit more museums and see what happens. Can’t wait till summer, when the museums here are open after work!

I also don’t want this platform to be about museums all the time. Time to focus on the “other explorations” from the tagline. And that probably should include the activities that take up my time: roller derby, certainly, and drawing. I’m still learning plenty, and there are loads of experiments to be done (new gear, new skills, new pencils, new challenges). And hey, resurrecting this blog may even encourage me to get my latest drawing project off the ground! Get ready for some silly pictures of early whales. (But first, a silly trilobite).

trilobite illustration

Yup, my derby name’s Trilobiter. What did you expect from a natural history nerd?

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