Electric Hand Dryers

And the surprise journal continues, this time with a happier incident.

  • moment of surprise: I was washing my hands in a public washroom when I overheard a mom say to her young daughter “…well you’ll just have to write to your congressman about it.” What was the issue of such import? The girl was afraid of the electric hand dryer and would prefer if the restroom had paper towels.
  • why it surprised me: I was expecting the concern to be something major, and somewhat political in nature. In DC, locals and tourists alike find loads of things to complain about, so I’m somewhat conditioned to expect negativity. Also, up until that moment I hadn’t met a kid who was afraid of the electric dryers.
  • what this tells me: I’m (perhaps too) quick to jump to the worst conclusion. And for some reason I now seem to expect kids to have the same types of concerns as adults, instead of their regular weird fears and intense but random preferences. Though to be fair, there are times where I prefer paper towels to electric hand dryers. Sometimes you just want to get out of there quickly, and the dryers take so long!

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