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I’ve struggled with what to do with this blog, as I don’t get many chances to review museums anymore. You’d think that working in a museum would leave me with plenty of stories about museums, but it’s tough to write about my job right after I’ve spent the day at work. For a whole year, I failed to find a new subject and stay true to the spirit of this whole endeavor. Nothing seemed to fit.

Until I read this. I often hear about the scientific method, but not about a scientific attitude. How do you maintain an open mind, and not just recognize when you’re wrong but embrace what that means for your understanding of the world? You have to look for signs that you’re wrong, and the best sign is the feeling of surprise.  

Inspired by the research on the role of surprise in science, I’ve started to keep my own “surprise journal,” to help me notice moments of surprise or confusion, and use them as a cue to examine my assumptions. — Julia Galef

So, I’m going to try keeping track of things that challenge my assumptions. The moments of surprise, why they surprised me, and what this tells me about myself. I’m interested to see what trends emerge, even if the surprises are minor (like today).

  • moment of surprise: I thought I was the only one on my floor at work today, but that was not the case. I nearly jumped out of my chair when Junko said “hi” around 2pm.
  • why it surprised me: I was the first one in, had to unlock the doors and turn on the lights. When one coworker came by in the late morning, he said I was the only one up in the mezzanine.
  • what this tells me: Even if I’ve checked something already, conditions can change. And I should verify information acquired from others. Also, Junko can be pretty sneaky.
vacuuming a stuffed hippo

Surprise! It’s a picture of me vacuuming a hippo. What did you expect?

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