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Just when you think you know your mom…

nice place for some barbecued lamb

Last night, I was talking to my mom and bemoaning the spiraling complexities of wedding planning when I learned something new. I’m getting hitched at the same place as my parents and a number of other relatives, so I’ve always been aware that this place carries special significance. But my mom surprised me when she Continue Reading →

Electric Hand Dryers

And the surprise journal continues, this time with a happier incident. moment of surprise: I was washing my hands in a public washroom when I overheard a mom say to her young daughter “…well you’ll just have to write to your congressman about it.” What was the issue of such import? The girl was afraid Continue Reading →

More surprises

examining a dinosaur

A day or two after my resolution to keep a journal of “surprise” moments, I wondered how often I’d be able to update it. My Sunday was particularly uninspired. Ah, but then Monday came along with some startling news. moment of surprise: I might not have a job come July. Oh, trust-funded positions, and your Continue Reading →