Scientific Illustration

Ophicthid eel

Sample drawing of an Ophicthid eel

Science visualization can be a tricky business. Photographs, while great, aren’t very informative in low resolution, and they can’t tell the difference between signal and noise. Other times, you need to represent something that isn’t visible to the naked eye, or no longer physically exists. Or maybe you just want to show an alternate or idealized perspective on something familiar. That’s what scientific illustration is for.

I’ve been an illustrator since 2009, and have worked on fossil teeth, preserved eels, and simplified schematics, mostly working with graphite and paper but occasionally doing digital works. Typically I work from physical specimens and photographs, but I’ve also done more creative work. Samples of my work are available online, so if you think my style is right for your needs, contact me and we’ll work out a price structure that best fits your project.

Contact info:

  • name: Juliana Olsson
  • email: or
  • phone: (408) 657 7661 or (408) OLSSON-1

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