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Experiments in Mixology

Ti' Primavera Fizz

I don’t have a lab, so my kitchen will have to do for now. Luckily, the results of my various experiments have (thus far) been delicious. I recently finished reading “Boozehound: on the trail of the rare, the obscure, and the overrated in spirits“, and have been in the mood to try my own hand Continue Reading →

Memories of New Orleans, pt 3 — Museum of the American Cocktail

interior of the Museum of the American Cocktail

It has been unseasonably warm in Nashville these last few days, to the point of feeling downright summery and tropical. In other words, perfect weather for a gin and tonic, or a traditional daiquiri. Now, if you’re at work, about to operate machinery, or just don’t happen to have a drink in front of you, Continue Reading →