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Prepping for Science Debate 2012


To get in the political mindset for the upcoming election, Ryan and I recently started watching The West Wing. Well, it was a choice between that and Deadwood, since we just moved to the Wild West. Anyway, in one of our (frequent) pauses to discuss the actors/the script/the overdone music/the similarities or differences to today’s Continue Reading →

Exploring the Three E’s: Exhibitions, Evaluation and Education

The Three Es

Yikes, it’s been a while since my last post, hunh? Life has kept me busy, but I’m taking a quick break from jobs and other nonsense to fill you in on something that I find pretty exciting. This past week, Adrienne Russell (@adriennerussell) featured a number of emerging museum professionals on her Cabinet of Curiosities Continue Reading →

Juli’s going to the AAM Annual Meeting & Museum Expo

Hand holding a microphone

I meant to update y’all this weekend on my crowd-funding progress, because let me assure you, there was progress! I surpassed my fundraising goal for a grand total of $1020, which means I’ll be doing 10 interviews with museum aficionados, professionals, and students. I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed to the cause and spread the Continue Reading →