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It’s Tapirs All The Way Down…

fused fossil rhino rib

I was not a particularly happy camper this morning, having woken up balls-early for a road trip out to Boone, NC. Thankfully, my mood had vastly improved by the time we reached the Gray Fossil Site and Natural History Museum outside Johnson City, TN, enabling me to better appreciate their specimens, exhibits, and dig site. Continue Reading →

Exploring the Three E’s: Exhibitions, Evaluation and Education

The Three Es

Yikes, it’s been a while since my last post, hunh? Life has kept me busy, but I’m taking a quick break from jobs and other nonsense to fill you in on something that I find pretty exciting. This past week, Adrienne Russell (@adriennerussell) featured a number of emerging museum professionals on her Cabinet of Curiosities Continue Reading →

Juli’s going to the AAM Annual Meeting & Museum Expo

Hand holding a microphone

I meant to update y’all this weekend on my crowd-funding progress, because let me assure you, there was progress! I surpassed my fundraising goal for a grand total of $1020, which means I’ll be doing 10 interviews with museum aficionados, professionals, and students. I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed to the cause and spread the Continue Reading →

Memories of New Orleans, pt 3 — Museum of the American Cocktail

interior of the Museum of the American Cocktail

It has been unseasonably warm in Nashville these last few days, to the point of feeling downright summery and tropical. In other words, perfect weather for a gin and tonic, or a traditional daiquiri. Now, if you’re at work, about to operate machinery, or just don’t happen to have a drink in front of you, Continue Reading →

Belated museum reviews

Oh dear, it appears that I let TJT languish, and worse still, wrote up some museum-related content for another site without posting about it here. Well, I’m going to perform a massive retcon and update you on all this awesome “new” content. Just pretend it got lost in the bowels of the internet for a Continue Reading →

And So It Begins…

Even dinosaurs love ice cream

Hello dear reader(s)! I’m starting a new blog and I’m pretty excited about it. I hope you will be too, but I realize I’m probably going to have to give you some background on the raison d’être for these posts before you share my enthusiasm. With that in mind, I’ll attempt to answer your questions Continue Reading →