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Resolutions And Such

vacuuming a stuffed hippo

I’ve struggled with what to do with this blog, as I don’t get many chances to review museums anymore. You’d think that working in a museum would leave me with plenty of stories about museums, but it’s tough to write about my job right after I’ve spent the day at work. For a whole year, I Continue Reading →

Gettin’ Ready for the Fourth

I was talking with my boss yesterday about how it just doesn’t seem right that the 4th of July is in the middle of the week this year. You can’t go out of town for a three-day weekend. There’s not a lot of time to prep anything fun because you’re working Monday and Tuesday. You Continue Reading →

Powers of 10 Taken to a Whole New Level

Screen shot 2012-04-26 at 7.11.01 PM

Holy balls you guys, my friend Justin just sent me something amazing and I just have to share it. I’ll probably write up a whole long fancy post later, but it’s imperative you check this out now. It’s called “The Scale of the Universe 2”, and by scrolling with your mouse you can zoom in Continue Reading →

Belated museum reviews

Oh dear, it appears that I let TJT languish, and worse still, wrote up some museum-related content for another site without posting about it here. Well, I’m going to perform a massive retcon and update you on all this awesome “new” content. Just pretend it got lost in the bowels of the internet for a Continue Reading →

And So It Begins…

Even dinosaurs love ice cream

Hello dear reader(s)! I’m starting a new blog and I’m pretty excited about it. I hope you will be too, but I realize I’m probably going to have to give you some background on the raison d’être for these posts before you share my enthusiasm. With that in mind, I’ll attempt to answer your questions Continue Reading →